Corporation/Curb Stops and Pre-Packaged Service Kits

Corporation stops are either directly tapped or threaded into a saddle depending on the type of pipe used for mains. In both cases, a polymer coated form fitting insulation kit is supplied to insulate the saddle / corporation stop. An insulation kit is also supplied to insulate the curb stop and riser box. All kits are designed to fit snug onto the pre-insulated service pipe with an allowance for the brass fitting and a THERMOCABLE® heat tracing cable.

Urecon recommends the use of polyethylene service boxes which feature a standard cast iron upper section with a telescopic polyethylene foot, permitting minor field adjustment for depth of bury. Reduced conduction of cold from the surface down to the curb stop helps to eliminate the incidence of freezing at this vulnerable location.

Urecon can provide complete pre-packaged service kits, boxed and ready for installation at each individual building. Depending on the particular installation, kits may consist of: saddle for the main, corporation stop, gooseneck, curb stop, threaded adapters, stainless steel inserts (if HDPE pipe), curb box, insulation kits for saddle/corporation stop and curb stop, galvanized steel specials and foam kits, thermostats, heat shrink tubes and wrap around sleeves, other specials as required.

Except for the pipe / duct and THERMOCABLE® which is shipped in bulk, all other items can be pre-packaged (boxed or crated) and tagged per building. This method of packaging reduces the incidence of lost items or time spent searching for misplaced goods on site.