Duct Systems

Urecon has been factory insulating all types of pipe with polyurethane foam with various outer jackets for over
40 years in North America. We are the only ISO 9001 registered manufacturing company making this type of product; quality and constant attention to detail is not only assured, it's guaranteed.

Why use Urecon’s factory insulated duct system?

You are considering purchasing a boiler from one of our distributors to heat your building(s) for a variety of reasons that make sense to you and your budget. Once you've chosen the best boiler for the application, another very important decision will be determining what to use to get the heat to where it's needed.

Urecon’s insulated duct system is the most energy efficient, waterproof and economical choice of product available when all factors are considered; your investment actually pays for itself over time* and will last indefinitely.

The system consists of the following components:

  • 100 mm (4 in) diameter solvent weld PVC duct pipe in 3 m (10 ft) lengths.
  • Nominal 37 mm* (1.5 in) thick polyurethane foam insulation.
  • 0.63 mm (25 mil) thick UV stable polyethylene jacket.
  • 45° and 90 factory insulated short or long sweep duct elbows.
  • 150 mm (6 in) wide butyl mastic sealant tape supplied for all pipe and fitting ends.

Once the Urecon insulated duct system is installed, two runs of the supply and return core pipe of choice (locally supplied by others) are pulled through to complete the installation.

*other thicknesses are available upon request.

Advantages of Urecon's insulated duct system:

  • Very lightweight (approximately 4.5 kg (10 lbs) per length); easy to ship with the boiler.
  • Incorporates Urecon's eco-friendly U.I.P.® polyurethane foam, which is the best insulation available in the market today; refer to the product submittal data sheet or specifications for more details.
  • UV stable polyethylene jacket is both tough and waterproof over the long term; this is critical for maintaining maximum efficiency of insulation. Flimsy thin jackets usually don't stand up to the wear and tear of transport, let alone long term underground performance. Wet or damp insulation of any type simply does not work.
  • The insulation has a constant outside diameter down the entire pipe, including over the bell end. The insulation and jacket are factory trimmed flush with the bell end, allowing for the insulation to butt up against itself as the pipes and / or fittings are being solvent welded and pushed together.
  • Butyl mastic sealant tape is supplied for all pipe and fitting ends to seal the system against water ingress.
  • 45° and 90° solvent weld PVC short or long sweep factory insulated elbows are available for building entries and changes of direction.
  • An insulated duct system gives you the flexibility to use whatever core pipe you think is best suited for your application, preferably pulled through the duct in continuous runs with no unions. The duct also allows you to run other utilities in the same raceway (local codes and bylaws permitting) i.e. telephone, cable, high speed internet, power, etc.


  • Homes
  • Barns
  • Workshops and garages
  • Pools
  • Ice melting systems
  • Greenhouses

The payback:

Installing the Urecon insulated duct system actually pays for itself over time* and also helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The expected yearly savings is approximately 1.5 cords of wood based on the following assumptions:

  • An average cord of wood yields 24 million BTU's.
  • The trench from the boiler to the building is approximately 30 m (100 ft) long.
  • The payback is based on a comparison to bare or poorly insulated piping systems. These inferior systems may be the result of using materials with insufficient insulating properties, inadequate insulation thickness, or may simply be insulation that absorbed moisture due to water ingress through the jacket or joints.

* Individual payback times will vary relative to the severity and length of the heating season.

Benefits of the Urecon insulated duct system:

  • Labour savings when compared to field insulating and jacketing.
  • Polyurethane is the best insulation material on the market today, saving you both fuel and furnace loading time.
  • The entire system is plastic; there is nothing to corrode over time.
  • Quickly and easily installed by one person.
  • Can be shallow buried even in high water table areas.
  • Lasts indefinitely, paying for itself many times over.

Temperature loss with Urecon’s insulated duct system:

Based on:

  • Two 32 mm (1 in) diameter supply and return pipes on the inside.
  • Supply temperature : 82°C (180°F).
  • Soil temperature : 0°C (32°F).