GF Urecon

Since 1969 GF Urecon has provided pre-insulated piping systems for above ground and buried installations in extreme climatic conditions.

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Experts in Freeze Prevention

GF Urecon specializes in freeze protection solutions enabling reliable transport of water and wastewater for mining operations, municipal piping systems and others in the far north.

Comprehensive Heat Tracing Solutions

GF Urecon combines full heat tracing and factory insulated design and supply from a single source to provide freeze prevention and temperature maintenance solutions with a system warranty.

Authorities on European Hot Water District Energy Networks

GF Urecon has been supplying North American solutions and expertise in LOGSTOR EN 253 hot water piping for over 25 years … in rigid STEEL and flexible PEX formats.

Cost-efficient thanks to intelligent technology

Thermocable trace heating systems are CSA-certified for humid locations. Splices and terminations do not have to reach aboveground distribution boxes.

Quality & Production

In late 2009, our Calmar Alberta facility began producing with a new state-of-the-art PE jacket extruder. This highly automated line allows greater overall capacity and flexibility up to 1200 mm (48 in) diameter core pipe.

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